Make your mark.

Do you ever have so much to say and as soon as you go to express it, it vanishes? That is a common occurrence I’ve been encountering with starting my blog. I’m pretty sure it’s because I’m full of excitement and thoughts, but I need to remain steady and (fairly) tamed because there are a plethora of topics I want to share with you. Here it goes.

First off, I want to say thank you if you take a moment of your time to read this and even more so if you come back again. I really appreciate it! To dive head first into this whole thing, a thought that has peaked my interest lately and coincides with the beginning of this adventure is “what will you be remembered by when you’re no longer ‘here’?” That’s a really great question that I feel a majority of us don’t quite process. Will people think of how attractive you were? Or the person who owned all the luxurious things? Or will you be remembered for your heart and the lives you touched? I don’t know about you, but my goal is the last one. And maybe, just maybe, someone somewhere will come across this page and see that my feelings and experiences are a mirror image of theirs and they can encounter peace. Do you know that we all feel the same? Of course in different ways, for different reasons, from different experiences, but they’re all relatable. Back to the main question though; I’ve pondered the thought of starting a blog for many, many years now and some of the ideas I’ve conceptualized were: I wanted a safe place for people who were bullied to go, a place for those who bottled their feelings (like myself through my childhood) to be able to speak, or even those who needed a friend to feel some love. After all this time I feel like right now, in my life, is the perfect moment to make a place where stories can be shared, hope can be given, and friendships can be made.

So with that being said, welcome to my blog! It’s a dual-action site that is not only going to showcase my love for writing real life experiences, but also photography. The blog will enlighten you in many aspects of life, especially living life in today’s chaotic society. Not a big blog reader? No problem! Stick to just stopping by to see photos I capture along the way.

Thank you again and can’t wait to share this chapter with you!


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