One of Many.

Before you even think it, I will admit it…I didn’t stick to my one post per month goal. However, I did have this post typed out in the month of February, so we can go ahead and give me an “A for effort.”

One of the best things you can do for yourself is to travel. It’s one investment that betters you as a person, not only for your daily, routined sanity but more deeply for your soul, mental health, and gaining life experiences. I’ll be the first to throw it out there that money is a factor but that’s the perfect opportunity for us to start small. Explore your current state while saving spare change for a bigger trip. Incorporate long weekend trips as opposed to weeks at a time.

So with that being said, this past weekend Chris (aka the boyfriend, babe, etc.) and I took a weekend getaway to St. Augustine, Florida. As current Florida residents, we chose a place that gave us a feeling of being away but still commutable (3 hours) without losing “vacay” time and not too harsh on the wallet. Not that anyone needs a reason to travel, but this was a perfect spot for a Valentine weekend. Each state in the US of has a history of course, just like people do, but I’d rate Florida being one with an interesting story. Our main point of attraction was the Castillo de San Marcos fort. A remarkable structure that endured battle after battle, but continued to stand strong. Now this post isn’t going to be a history lesson, however I would certainly recommend visiting this historic landmark at least once in your life especially if you ever 1. live in Florida, 2. vacation in Florida, and 3. if you love learning. From there we explored the nearby town which is conveniently within walking distance of the fort. If you enjoy handmade gems, crafts, and such then this town would be a delight for you. Another hot spot we hit was the San Sebastian Winery which offered a free self-guided tour through the cellar and free wine tastings along the way. Who can say no to that? Not this wino.

Below you will find some of my favorite moments from our little visit to Saint Augustine. If it isn’t already, please add this town to your must-see list.

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