Say Yes More.

Recently, I received the opportunity to expand my photography horizon to include an engagement party; as well as, an engagement photo-shoot. Both of which were for the same couple and best of all, it was for one of Chris’s sisters. Some may say that would be more pressure, “omg, it’s your boyfriends sister…yada yada yada), but I actually felt it to be more comforting in the fact that is was her and her fiance.

This year has certainly shown me that I find enjoyment in taking brand photos, so the details of the engagement party were certainly pleasing to the mind and eyes. As for the couple’s engagement shoot, it was quite a leap out of the comfort zone (if you’ve been on this 2017 journey with me, you already know that going outside the zone is the objective of the year.) I recommended Redington Long Pier because there is a balance of architecture of the pier, surrounding beach nature, and an all around great place to show love. We decided that we would meet just before sunset to get the lighting just right for the vision I had in mind. Being my first experience with this popular scenario, I chose to seek inspiration from other sources i.e. Pinterest and Instagram. We all had a wonderful time taking-in the beauty of this evening. The weather was warm but not too hot. The water was cool. The sky was showing off. And last but not least, we achieved some amazing shots showcasing their love for one another.

On my drive home, all I could think about was “I hope the photos come out as good as they looked on the camera display…what if they don’t like them…etc.” I took a deep breath and ended my self-doubting thoughts with a prayer just thanking the Lord for the opportunity and the courage to simply take the photos.

Please enjoy a sampling of my favorite photos from the engagement party followed by the couples photoshoot.  To view the full couple’s shoot album, please visit here.


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